The modern CMO: Going nowhere fast without technology | B2B Marketing

The modern CMO must now embrace an extended skillset that often creeps into the realm of IT, exploring new technologies from a marketing perspective. The challenges on marketing and IT agendas are, therefore, joined-up and concerned with technology strategy and consolidation. Marketing and digital strategies are closely aligned. They must take adoption techniques into account to improve business processes, adding yet another string to the modern CMO’s bow – change management. Understanding how the organisation and its employees must adapt and learn new skills is imperative to successful technology implementation.

The modern CMO and his/her team are working with IT to leverage and realise the true value of technology to improve their ROI. Previously, these two distinct disciplines and mindsets consisted of independent, siloed teams that lacked the ability to identify and capture revenue opportunities from a business-aligned perspective. The amount of data accrued by marketing programmes requires a comprehensive analytics platform to make sense of the data and turn it into useful insight. The relationship between marketing and IT seems to be an obvious and natural partnership. However, this newly found marriage is a must in order to utilise technology solutions for improved marketing agendas.


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