What performance marketers need to know about Google Knowledge Graph | Search Engine Watch

Knowledge Graph has become a prominent part of the search experience, having a significant effect on your audience’s judgement of you and your products. Reaching the top of Google search results (organically and/or through AdWords) is no longer the only objective; inaccurate or poorly optimised Knowledge Graph results could seriously undermine your brand.

Although machine learning programs do their best, they don’t always interpret what they see correctly. And this can lead to problems if Google is displaying inaccurate information about your business: an outdated phone number, for example, could cost you a lot of clients.

To make up for this, Schema.org was founded and sponsored by four of the big search giants (Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Yandex) to create a method for websites to explicitly give search engines this semantic information. In practice, this involves adding extra code to your website to indicate what type of object you are referring to in a piece of text.


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Source: searchenginewatch.com

Seriously: stop what you’re doing and get to schema.org. A must!!

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