Adobe Marketing Cloud updates focus on predicting your future – VentureBeat

Today at Summit 2016, Adobe has announced a series of new data science capabilities that include a TV recommendation engine, automated insights for advertising, a customer lifetime value prediction system, and predictive subject lines that help optimize emails. These capabilities are focused on using algorithms in a marketing context, extracting insights from billions of data points to help marketers make better business decisions.

But all of these data science-oriented solutions aren’t where the real magic happens. For data science, predictive analytics, and machine learning to work in a business context, you have to make them easy to understand and simple to use.

Enter “Virtual Analyst,” a predictive engine that the company claims will let you benefit from recommendations and predictions you didn’t even know existed. It is available as part of Adobe Analytics and will ship later this year.


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FWIW. For the most part, it’s B2C as well as monolithic B2B.

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