3 ways to use the “familiarity bias” for maximum B2B engagement – Marketing Land

1. Maintain an active organic presence wherever your customers are
Make sure your ideal customers see you wherever they like to spend their time. The inverse is solid advice, too — make sure you don’t waste your time and money on platforms where your audience isn’t active. Put some significant time into researching the blogs and communities where you might find relevant customers, and look at the social channels where they’re most likely to be.

2. Identify and reach out to your customers on social media
Through your active presences on various online channels, you’ll be able to find your prospects and reach out to them directly — especially if they’re on Twitter, where it’s largely acceptable for anyone to initiate a discussion with anyone else. Offer free advice, based on what you know about them and their interests.

3. Retarget with banner ads to remain fresh in prospects’ minds
Retargeting your website’s visitors on other websites they visit is key to keeping your brand fresh in their minds. Use a tool like AdRoll to set up sequences of ads that can follow individuals across multiple websites, social networks and devices. 

Source: marketingland.com

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