Is ROI All That Matters In Online Marketing? – Forbes

ROI also forces a skewed perception that slants toward short-term results. 

The problem with this is that most modern online marketing strategies rely on accumulated payoffs that grow over time. For example, in content marketing, one good piece of content doesn’t offer a one-time return upon publication. It can be syndicated, expanded, and even left alone to continue compounding its value. Theoretically, every piece of content you create will carry value for you indefinitely in the future, meaning your ROI measurements are biased in two ways. You’ll always be measuring the present benefits of past efforts in addition to present efforts, and you’ll never measure the full potential your campaign has.

You need to compensate for this when thinking about the “value” of your marketing campaign. Measurable ROI alone isn’t enough to accurately capture the entire significance of your campaign—at least for long-term strategies like SEO, content marketing, or social media marketing.


There’s far more in the article, but our stance is simple: if there’s an investment in online marketing, then there needs to be a return from that investment that solely focuses on the $$$.


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