Why is IBM Acquiring SFDC Specialist Bluewolf? – InformationWeek

IBM is acquiring global strategic Salesforce consulting partner Bluewolf Group in an effort to extend the company’s cloud services capabilities.

Bluewolf, a consulting firm and a Salesforce Global Strategic Partner with operations in five countries, has been an expert in Salesforce for over 15 years and the firm boasts of completing over 9,500 successful Salesforce projects.

Source: www.informationweek.com

OK, so something’s up…


Bluewolf is synonomous with SFDC: that’s what they do. So if you’re IBM, are you picking up Bluewolf for its expertise in SFDC implementation for the IBM clientbase? Yeah, that sounds reasonable.


Or are you picking up Bluewolf to gain a far greater understanding of SFDC, with all its strengths and faults? Depends on your motivation. So if you’re motivated to add SFDC to your mix, this would be a backchannel way of gaining that expertise.


IBM’s market cap is about 3x that of SFDC, but has a cash position that is far less than others, e.g., Apple. An acquisition is doable. But more importantly for the SFDC investor, it puts SFDC in play. Oracle? Google? Apple?


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