3 Ways To Hyper-Personalize Your Marketing At Scale | Extole

1. Put a recognizable face to your brand
In another Zajonc study, researchers found that the more times subjects had been exposed to a face, the more they liked it. Since the familiarity principle strengthens with time and increased exposure, it’s a time-honored way of connecting with consumers, and one that brands are still learning to improve upon today.
2. Use video to showcase your brand’s personality
Even more potent than a face is a personality. To that effect, a picture can only communicate so much. But now, technology allows any company to show personality on a budget. Because of the expansiveness and depth of video, you can express the full range of human emotions, explain things in great clarity and generally appeal to the viewer’s humanity. 
3. Use referral programs to leverage the power of social networks
But marketers can leverage the familiarity principle even further. After building powerful connections with customers, brands can further tap into their customers’ social ties with friends and family. Strong referral programs, when done right, can turn existing customers into the face and personality of your brand.

Source: www.extole.com

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