The hype and misunderstanding of analytics – Gartner

Put it this way: having information (i.e. an analytic) that tells you that a train is running late, is great.  But what is more valuable is the act that follows the late notification, that helps you get to your meeting on time via other means.  It is not the insight alone that creates value- it’s the resulting action (or inaction in the face of other actions) that delivers the real value.  Thus the value of data is more likely impacted due to context – as in its use.

These so-called number crunching and analytic vendors are important for sure.  The value inferred on them by investors maybe sustainable.  But in truth the real value to users of these tools is not even yet quantified, qualified or even known.  And it certainly won’t show up in the presentation of a dashboard and a visible analytic.


The analytics ain’t Dr. Feelgood. Step up and interpret.


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