Three Ways Services Firms and Marketing Agencies Can Counteract Revenue Loss – Profs

Services firms and marketing agencies can take these three steps to prevent revenue loss while preserving a service-driven culture:

  • Make it a daily habit. Employees must understand why correct, timely, and detailed data entry is important and how it can work to overcome even the simplest problems within firms. Research reveals that firms entering work hours at the end of the month suffer more revenue loss than those that do daily or weekly. 
  • Consider the Cloud. Businesses should consider managing time and data entry via a Cloud-based solution. With the ability to log data on the go, employees will do so more accurately, potentially saving hours worth of time.
  • Streamline processes. Once an agency has determined the best solution for its business needs, it needs to streamline all processes, including sending out daily, weekly, or monthly reminders to employees to ensure time sheets are complete, along with any project management and reporting tasks and expenses.


And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the main reason why marketing agencies are a evil necessity!!! Our focus is not on revenue loss, but on client solutions!! On an ongoing basis, find and recommend innovative and cost-reduction solutions, and offer the solutions on a flat fee basis.


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