10 myths marketing technology vendors want you to believe

Martech myth No. 1: You can buy a fully integrated digital marketing suite

Martech myth No. 2: You’re way behind the curve

Some martech sales people try to make prospects or customers feel as though they’re behind the technology adoption curve. The reality? “It’s still the early days of martech,” Regli said, citing Real Story Group research that suggests 52 to 54 percent of enterprises are still in the “just starting” phase of digital marketing adoption.

Martech myth No. 3: One vendor’s tools will meet all your needs

Martech myth No. 4: You’ll be up and running in no time

Martech myth No. 5: Training isn’t required

Martech myth No. 6: Martech tools scale easily

Martech myth No. 7: Other marketers love these tools

Martech myth No. 8: One vendor can serve as the marketing data warehouse

Martech myth No. 9: One vendor can provide the DAM system

Martech myth No. 10: Martech tools understand sentiment

Sentiment analysis, including the interpretation of tweets, Facebook posts and other social media updates to be positive, negative, or neutral, is still difficult for machines, according to Regli. For example, Real Story Group posted a negative tweet about Microsoft SharePoint, but one martech tool’s interpreted the tweet to be negative against Real Story Group and not SharePoint, she said. 

Source: www.cio.com



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