3 steps needed to bridge the gap between advanced machine learning and real-world marketing – VentureBeat

Let’s take a look at 3 practical ways to make advanced machine learning personalization work for everyday marketing:

1. Simplify your system
Take comfort in outsourcing this process to the data science professionals. There are tons of companies out there to meet your unique needs — from e-commerce product optimization, to predictive content for media and content companies, to B2B business intelligence systems. 

2. Simplify your integration
Look to leverage APIs and tools that help you forget all the noise behind the scenes, and allow you to implement predictive recommendations across channels seamlessly.

3. Simplify your data analytics
One thing we as society haven’t gotten quite used to is putting our full trust into the machines. That needs to change. In order to receive the best insights and best predictive content for users, we need to give over as much control as possible in this one area. 

Source: venturebeat.com

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