A Critical Moment of Truth in the Customer Lifecycle for Technology Products and Services – Gartner

To maximize that moment, tech providers need to think about:

  • Installation or Activation (for As a Service) – How to make it easy to start using the product or begin the project.  (Some of the most popular product videos on YouTube are “unboxing” videos.
  • Onboarding – Helping everyone involved to understand the path to value and what is available to them.
  • Help Options – Guiding users on where to go for assistance.

None of these activities should be taken for granted.  In fact, I’d posit that more emphasis should be placed in all of these.   Do it right, and things get easier.  Do it wrong, and your steering the customer toward thinking about other options or just giving up.

Source: blogs.gartner.com

I definitely buy into this…


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