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Republish Or Repurpose

As mentioned, Medium is popular, and so even if you don’t want to write anything unique, it might be worth republishing your blog posts – or snippets from them – on the platform to tap into a new audience.

Tell your Story Visually

Medium is mainly a platform for the written word, and therefore if you choose to shake things up and get a bit visually creative with your posts, then you’ve got a much better chance at standing out from the crowd. 

Link Back To Your Website And Blog

Of course, all social media channels should be used as a means of driving traffic to where it really matters – your website. 

Recommend Others’ Work

Medium is a social medium like any other, so it will pay to be social. Not only will you want to be using the site to publish great content, but you’ll also want to make yourself known as an authority figure who recommends great content to other Medium users as well. 

Create Great Content!

In the end, the only way to stand out on Medium is to produce brilliant, readable, shareable, and recommendable content. 

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