5 major themes from MarTech with big implications for marketing – Chief Marketing Technologist

#1. The marketing technologist has “crossed the chasm.”

#2. Martech is eating adtech — and the big gulp is still ahead.

#3. Best-of-breed marketing technology stacks are thriving.

  • Mythbusters: 10 Myths MarTech Vendors Tell by Theresa Regli of Real Story Group
  • Best of Breed: The DNA of Unicorns by Isaac Wyatt of New Relic
  • Building Your Ultimate MarTech Stack by Travis Wright of CCP Global
  • One Profile to Serve Them All by Troy Steen of Dell

#4. Agile marketing is crossing the chasm too.

  • A Herculean Story From Intuit’s Global Marketing Automation Rollout by Jaemi Bremner of Intuit and Pat Spenner of CEB Marketing
  • Agile Marketing Measurement by Shubu Mitra of Coca-Cola and Jennifer Zeszut of Beckon
  • Scaling Innovation by Christopher Penn of SHIFT Communications
  • Agile Marketing: Your Key to Becoming a Modern Marketer by Brent Bird and Chris Savoie of Workfront

#5. Cognitive computing is coming to marketing frighteningly quick.

  • Cognitive Marketing: The Rise of the Super Intelligent Marketer
  • How Machine Intelligence Will Really Change Marketing — or — How to Market With Smart Machines Without Ensuring the Destruction of Mankind or Losing Your Job

Source: chiefmartec.com

Just remember as you review: there’s bleeding edge, there’s cutting edge, and then there’s everyone else.


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