5 Neuroscience Secrets to a Better Customer Acquisition Engine – Kissmetrics

1. Deviate
Deviate!  So shake it up and be different. Really different!  Not only does deviation help you to stand out among competing marketing messages, it also helps your target audience to remember you. 

2. Evoke an Emotional Response
If you want new customers, evoke an emotional response. If your website is not evoking an emotive response in your site visitors, your marketing is essentially pushing your prospects to NOT make a purchase decision. 

3. Identify Their Urgent Wants
People visit your website for one of two reasons. They either want to achieve a goal or eliminate pain. One way is a hardcore message that takes your audience by surprise with its penetrating directness. Another approach is to use the power of mirror neurons to move your audience to action. 

4. Scare the Heck Out of ‘Em
People fear loss more strongly than they seek gain. This aversion to loss is powerful, and can be used effectively when you show prospective customers all the negative effects caused by not purchasing your product.

5. Price It Like You Mean It
You know that the price you set will influence whether a prospective customer buys from you. But beyond just the price, the actual display of the price can also have a major impact at a subconscious level on the buying decision.

Source: blog.kissmetrics.com

Mirror neurons….hmmmm….CT for the details.


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