Reap These Benefits When You Unify Your Marketing Stack – Profs

One Place to Store Analytics

The integration of systems is a great example of how integrated analytics can dramatically improve the reporting of the individual platforms. More importantly, marketers can show their contribution to the pipeline. 

Holistic View of Your Audience

Your customer and prospect data is stored across every platform you use. When you bring together all your platforms, you can finally see a top-down view of your audience and base your marketing strategy around your true audience.

Smarter Segmentation

When all your platforms are connected, you will find that you have many more options for segmentation. Segments can now be based not only on CRM or MAP data but also on IP data, device type, firmographics, demographics, website behavior, and much more.

Ability to Personalize Content, Regardless of Channel

With smarter segments and connected platforms, you can not only define the best buyer’s journey for each segment, but you can present each segment with the messages that will resonate, across any channel, whether email, websites, or face to face.


More than 1 system? Unify is a must.


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