Dark martech: the great mass of homegrown marketing technology – Chief Marketing Technologist

Many organizations opt to manage the marketing function, and resulting data deluge, through homegrown tools or spreadsheets. Why are enterprises building homegrown or “dark martech” solutions?

  • Change is difficult — siloed structures and budgets in companies reduce transparency across the organization.
  • Change must come from the top — or at least from an empowered CMO, or chief marketing technologist (CMT); note the correlation between CMT and cost center, seen in the figure below.
  • Martech is in the early days of adoption — there’s a long way to go.

Many companies decide to use homegrown tools because they are a known entity and provide a less-costly, less-risky option in the short term versus newer, untested tools. However, in the long term organizations that string together an assortment of tools will likely be challenged by data portability, interoperability and most importantly, the ability to compete in an increasingly competitive, always-on digital world. In this vein, a single data-driven source of the truth will be critical for intelligent, people-based marketing.

Source: chiefmartec.com

Please tell me you’re not using homegrown solutions…


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