How to Create a Marketing Measurement Playbook to Select and Measure the Right Metrics – Profs

Step 1: Prepare

Assess your current state of marketing measurement and determine what conditions you need to address. It will be essential to understand your current data, analytics, measurement, and reporting capabilities and processes. Build your playbook to address gaps in skills, resources/tools, and processes. Clarify, quantify, and communicate the value of the improvements. These plays should improve Marketing’s performance, relevance, influence, and credibility.

Step 2: Implement

Plan how you will implement and execute the playbook. In sports, coaches practice plays over and over again to facilitate proficiency. Have a plan for how you and your team will be able to consistently and proficiently use data, analytics, measurement, and reporting to improve and prove the value of your marketing.

Step 3: Evaluate and optimize

Compare your progress against your initial assessment. Evaluate how the new plays are positively affecting Marketing’s performance, relevance, influence, and credibility, and determine what adjustments or new plays are necessary to optimize each of those areas.


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