Is Digital Marketing Really Dead? – Fourth Source

When the question of whether digital marketing is dead comes up, as it inevitably does (it’s a bit of a buzzword and the press loves nothing more than to build these up and then stamp on them), this is what people are likely to be talking about. Digital marketing isn’t dead, it’s just called “marketing”.

This isn’t to say there’s no distinction to be made between marketing and digital marketing. Marketing is partly about the right mix, so a marketer might consider a campaign to have digital components, printed components and some that are telephone-based. It’s there that the usefulness will end, though. Marketing has evolved to encompass the digital environment.

With this in mind it is worth considering whether, since marketing has evolved to encompass the digital environment, digital marketing needs a separate budget. Separating out digital marketing from other marketing activities not only essentially creates a budgetary silo but could create a division between essentially joined activities.


Unfortunately, we can’t ditch it as the non-marketer needs the differentiation. And every item in the marketing budget is a line item.


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