The road map to personalization – Marketing Land

• Begin with a content audit. If you don’t know what exists, and it’s not indexed in a way you can locate it, you may as well not have it at all, because coding dynamic content for scale requires content to have metadata and a taxonomy.

• Baby steps are the best steps. Instead of creating a template with six variable content sections like the one above, create a template with one.

Would additional personalized pieces of content make your email better? It’s likely, but the email that gets sent always outperforms the email that doesn’t because it’s waiting on content to be generated.

• Prioritize, test, repeat. Since you’ll be taking small steps, it’s important that they’re the most impactful ones for your program. Does one of your segments perform worse than the others? Start there and try to move the needle on that group first.


The article reads more like a roadmap for MVT, but it’s a good framework.


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