Forrester Consulting study confirms that best-of-breed marketing stacks are “thriving” – Marketing Land

According to “Put Data Management at The Core of 1:1 Marketing,” 74 percent of all surveyed marketers are employing a “best-of-breed” approach as they mix and match their choice of tools. Only 23 percent are choosing a “full-stack” provider that offers a marketing cloud or suite.

Some parts of a marketer’s tool set benefit from a single solution. Forrester pointed out that “the most common approach” for 41 percent of “high-maturity marketers” — its label for the most proficient marketers — “was to have one central solution for performance and campaign management,” such as a marketing automation platform, which is “then supplemented with other technologies, such as with an independent data management platform.”

The second most common scenario, for 31 percent: “[C]obble together many solutions to provide the best mix of capabilities.” In third place, with 28 percent of high-maturity marketers: Choose “a single vendor to manage all aspects of planning, measuring, and executing their 1:1 marketing campaigns.”


At this point, best of breed has won out.


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