The Scientific Marketing Strategy Behind Exponential Growth – SumoMe

Step 1: Start compiling all the great marketing guides you read into an “ideas backlog” spreadsheet (you can download it at the end)

Step 2: Create and define your goal (based on the AARRR funnel) by working backwards from your end vision. Make sure your goals are specific, measurable, assignable, realistic, and time related.

Step 3: Prioritize your marketing tactics based on how it fits in with the goal, and score them based on the: probability of success, resources required, and impact.

Step 4: Validate the assumptions you used to prioritize the marketing tactics by running small 80/20 marketing experiments. Do this by breaking down your goal into week-to-week growth targets so you can measure your progress.

Step 5: Create an experimental plan by documenting how you will be executing the marketing strategy.

Step 6: Execute your marketing plan and keep detailed notes as you progress through the experiment.

Step 7: Analyze your results by asking “why” the experiment was a success or failure. Do research to find out “why” so you can make tweaks. If the experiment was a failure and it’s too difficult to fix, kill the experiment and move on.

Step 8: If the experiment was a success, apply your lessons learned and scale your experiment in iterative steps. Leverage technology or your playbook to 10x your results. Continue to focus on the marketing channel until it’s no longer effective.

Step 9: Rinse and repeat!


Set aside 30 minutes for the full article: worth it.


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