5 Subtly Effective Marketing Strategies You Never Considered Before – Forbes

The Minimalism Movement Wins

Nobody Reads, They Skim

It’s why video marketing has delivered such impressive returns and has grown so much in popularity.

Get To The Point Fast

A picture is worth a thousand words. A video could be worth 10,000 words. Everyone is looking for faster and faster ways of communicating a message. 

Get Others To Do The Work For You

Get others to spread your content and have your fans spread your brand message. Say something quickly and get to the point. 

Start With The Trailer

Take your story and then think about what that story would look like if you condensed it into a movie trailer. This is what you want to be actually promoting. Later on when you are successful people may want to hear the full story, but at this time you are better served by only revealing the important parts.

Source: www.forbes.com

Think speed. No one has time anymore!


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