Digital marketing budgets are growing (but are marketers battle-weary?) – Econsultancy

When asked to identify barriers to digital marketing investment, 33% of respondents admitted that ‘company culture’ was one. In 2015, this figure was only 24%.

Looking more closely at the organisational attitude to digital marketing spend, it seems marketers are a little less bullish than last year as to whether all the battles have been won.  A smaller proportion of respondents think they are working towards cohesive CX, breaking down silos, securing boardroom buy-in (a significant drop from 71% to 57%), reserving budget for innovation, or breaking the distinction between digital and traditional budgets.

On the positive side, 54% of respondents are planning to recruit more people into their digital team in 2016 – this is an increase from 51% in 2015.


Yeah, and network managers were becoming battle-weary 25 years ago. Wake up!!


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