The 4 new skills of a great B2B planner – Velocity Partners

Data DNA
Planners have always hoovered up insight from wherever they could find it. Today, a lot of the best insight is hiding inside data: in web analytics reports, marketing automation flows and CRM systems.

The best planners and content strategists today are those who lean in when they see a juicy dashboard. They know that all this data is a granular record of customer behaviour and intent. For insight hunter-gatherers, it’s gold dust.

Yesterday’s planners had to know their way around a market research report – the qualitative harvest of focus groups and interviews or the mediated data of commissioned surveys. Today’s must go directly to the digital snail-trails we all leave behind as we click and swipe through our online lives.


I picked off only the most important one. To us, analytics is the other (but not included).


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