These Are the Biggest Disruptors to the Future of Email Marketing – Convince and Convert

“1. Brands will stop creating email campaigns because machine learning and automation will completely redefine what a “campaign” is.
2. Subscribers will be able to opt out of tracking.
3. Marketers will have to cater to an entirely new audience: machines.
Email volume is going to go through the roof over the next several years. Thankfully, a good chunk of that volume will never be seen by human eyes. Instead, the recipients of those emails will be machines that we want to keep in the loop, says Paul Farnell, Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder of email creation, testing, and analytics software provider Litmus.

4. Email messages will morph into push notifications.
5. Email messages will morph into mailable microsites.”


David Raab has been writing about #3 for at least a year, and it’s coming. How it impacts B2B is unknown. Remember that #4 had a run about 10 years ago and failed. And #5 is long overdue: the technology is there but not the movement.


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