Psychological Backfiring: What No One Tells You About Neuromarketing – ConversionXL

Here’s how you should handle backfires going forward…

  1. Remember the 12 backfires and where they fall within the likelihood-severity matrix.
  2. Audit your site for psychological backfires.
  3. Before launching a test, audit it for the risk of psychological backfires. Do what you can to reduce those risks.
  4. Launch an A/B test, limiting the risk of widespread backfires.
  5. Determine whether the treatment increased conversions or not.
  6. Using qualitative research, look for evidence of backfires.
  7. Record all of the backfires and refer to them before running future tests.
  8. If you still have control of the backfire(s) and it’s causing an overall negative outcome, remove it.


A very good read. Note #4…TEST!


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