The 5 C’s model of Acrolinx’s award-winning Stackie – Chief Marketing Technologist

The first layer below the customer is Contacts. We’ve invested in a number of great technologies to help us acquire new contacts since we understand the complex organizational structures of our large customers. We’ve also invested in tools such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

The next layer in our stack is Connections. Here we identified all the different tools we use to connect with our customers, from our social channels and marketing automation to our website and interactive content.

Content. For this layer, we focused on two things: content creation (Office and Creative Suite) and content optimization. 

Customer Data. LeanData is a great addition to the stack.

Finally, the last layer is Collaboration, a.k.a. “getting stuff done.” 


A marketing stack needs to focus on what you do, not the tools that you use to do it. Perfect example is here…


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