What We Learned About SaaS Sites From 30 Hours Of User Testing Data | Amplitude Blog

Key Takeaways

  • Prioritize importance. Users like simple design, but prefer it when important or particularly useful information is readily visible, without having to navigate too much. The most important information should be immediately available to new visitors so they can get a grasp of the site before moving on.
  • Repetition encourages interaction. Users don’t read your marketing site—they skim it. Make sure to reiterate the core information you want to communicate across your marketing site in a variety of forms and visual aids. Having the core value emphasized throughout, along with key features means that users will continually build a model of what your product does and why it’s good for them.
  • Eliminate choice whenever possible. It’s always important to guide users throughout your site, but this is especially the case when you offer a variety of different services. Use benefit-driven language to maximize impact. They should be funneled throughout, leading to the inevitable conclusion of conversion.

Source: amplitude.com

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