What LinkedIn’s New Tool Means for B2B Marketing Strategies – Skyword

“For marketers who have learned this lesson, LinkedIn recently announced a new account targeting feature that promises to bring more intelligence to how you understand your B2B content’s purpose, and then get it into the hands of the right viewers. It is a service, however, that coincides with a hard lesson for LinkedIn as well, following on the heels of its termination of the Bizo ad platform.

While LinkedIn’s new account targeting service has not been rolled out as an explicit replacement for their Bizo tool, it does seem to fill the space being left by the platform’s dismissal, at least for the time being. This does not mean, however, that the two features are comparable.

The central difference between these tools comes down to functionality. Where Bizo’s platform offered a wider scale ad platform similar in conception to Facebook’s enterprise tools, LinkedIn’s most recent account targeting gives brands the ability to target other businesses on a personal level. Broad targeting is accomplished by creating portfolios of pages and accounts (similar in practice to Facebook’s lookalike audiences) while segments allow marketers to separate out based on attributes like seniority, to make sure your sponsored updates and InMail are appearing in front of the individuals you hope to capture.”

Source: www.skyword.com

As usual…TEST.


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