7 Reasons Your Outreach Emails Aren’t Getting Responses and How to Fix That

1. Are you a liar, or do you seem like one?

Can you validate your claims? I’m always talking about creating data-driven posts and backing up all your claims with charts and studies.

2. You’re asking for a lot of work

Common sense should tell you that busy people are trying to get through emails quickly so that they can do productive things (emails usually aren’t considered such).

3. This might sting—you’re not special

You need to be able to quickly explain why your content or offer is special. Why should this person help you or work with you over all the other people out there (some of whom have already contacted them)?

4. I don’t know you

Get to know someone before you ask for something: This is the hardest part of being able to create great outreach emails—there are no templates for it.

5. I hate it when there “aer” typos

6. No one wants to be “templated”

7. It’s all about you

Source: www.quicksprout.com

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