A Simple Framework for Landing Page Information Hierarchy – Unbounce

“I’ve designed many-a-landing-page, and for that I have a go-to hierarchy. In Google Docs, I start by:

  • Stating how the offer relieves a specific pain for the reader
  • Explaining what the offer will allow that person to do (the benefit)
  • Explaining why I am uniquely positioned to provide the offer (why I have the best solution)
  • Addressing the most common objections that people often have before they’re willing to accept my offer
  • Telling people how they can get offer (the call to action)
  • Providing social proof from people just like the reader, or from people they know and admire

Only when I have that foundational information in place do I start writing copy and designing the page.”

Source: unbounce.com

Outstanding framework! CT for examples.


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