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About this research

In this research, Hiten Shah digs deep into more than 40 SaaS marketing sites and hundreds of User Testing videos to show you what prospects prefer, what doesn’t work for them, and how you can set up a framework for getting your SaaS marketing site on track.

About the researcher

Hiten Shah has been at the forefront of SaaS product and marketing for the past two decades through an immense amount of research, as well founding Crazy Egg, Kissmetrics, and Quicksprout. He’s world renowned for his content and product marketing.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: SaaS Homepages – Your product’s welcome mat  ← YOU’RE HERE 🙂
Chapter 2: SaaS Pricing Pages – Your point of conversion
Chapter 3: SaaS marketing site organization
Chapter 4: SaaS branding
Chapter 5: Case Study #1 – Slack
Chapter 6: Case Study #2 – Wistia
Appendix A: Overall Methodology




If you have even an iota of thought around restructuring your web site, then this is a must read!


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