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Ultimately, the goal of any marketing-related system should be that it enables more productive time with your prospects and clients, not less. Produce more for your customers and you’ll reap the benefits. Some examples:

  • We utilize Wordsmith for Marketing to filter down and present Google Analytics data in a manner that our clients can better understand. That enables us to communicate the trends and offer the strategy to improve rather than spending time trying to explain analytics data.
  • We utilize gShift to monitor social media and search’s impact on each other and on the bottom line. Attribution is difficult, if not impossible, without a tool like gShift. If you’re not measuring the results of your content strategy accurately, you’re going to have a tough time explaining why your client should continue investing in it.
  • We utilize Hootsuite, Buffer, and Jetpack to manage our social publishing efforts. While we’re a small team, we make a whole lot of noise on the Internet. By spending less time on publishing, I’m able to spend more time actually interacting with my social media audience.


They’re a smart team, and you’d do well following their lead.


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