Technology Marketing Blog: The Marketing Personalized Lead and the Sales Buyer’s Journey – IDC

All B2B marketers know what an MQL is, but what’s an MPL? It’s the Marketing Personalized Lead and it reflects the needs of the individual sales resource to whom the lead will be distributed. This requires marketing to apply the same science to understanding the needs of the sales channel as it does to any external audience. 

Sales buyer’s journey analysis could be the single most powerful way to align marketing and sales. Marketing should think of sales as “buying” its leads. The buy is acceptance, follow up and entry into the pipeline. When sales ignores the leads they are not buying. The reasons they buy or not are very much the same as any other buyer. The lead (offer) does not fit their current agenda (sales attention.)  

IDC defines sales enablement as getting the right information to the right sales person at the right time in the right format in order to move an opportunity forward.


I think a SLA would be easier…


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