The need for speed in email marketing – MarketingLand

When I’ve spoken with email marketers about their real-time problem, I find that most of their barriers boil down to these three common themes:

  1. Lack of accessible marketing insights — Most databases are slow and clunky, and the marketers who use them are drowning in data. In today’s marketing climate, marketing pros are over big data. They need agile databases that give them the customer information they actually use to develop and execute campaigns without the clutter.
  2. Delays in pulling data — Slow count times are killing innovative email marketing campaigns. The hours or days it takes to create targeted lists from large databases need to be reduced to seconds. The good news? It’s possible to reduce those average count times by as much as 90 percent.
  3. Multiple platforms — Multiple platforms are another chokepoint in the real-time marketing process. When marketers are forced to transfer data from the database to another platform for creative and to yet another platform for deployment, then inefficiencies, incorrect insights and delays are inevitable.


Paralysis via analysis?


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