How to manage the changing social ad landscape – The Hub

  • Don’t worry about which platforms will survive or thrive in the future. View your platform choice objectively. Doing so permits a clear view of a platform’s performance, based on analytics reporting.
  • Take advantage of the platform differences and tailor your message accordingly.  Instagram offers a way to tailor ads to appear by demographic and interest, as does Facebook.  While Tweets vanish fast, Twitter ads create extra views, that can also be multiplied through a remarketing setting.
  • Decide how to mix your paid search and social ad usage among customers.  The customer journey on a purchase decision may involve a mix of paid search and social ads. To gain some hints on which mix works best, use the Google Customer Journey tool, a free online solution that shows the likely order of media that a given customer might choose. The results are based on business size, industry, and country, with data based on Google Analytics accounts that volunteered their metrics to support the algorithms behind the tool.  Users can currently select from 19 industries, eight countries, and three business size categories. The tool can highlight if search ads and organic search are typically viewed earlier in the sale cycle compared to social media posts, or vise versa.  This knowledge can help plan messages to better match a customer’s journey.  Ads that appear in paid search can be created to draw interest, while social media can serve as reminders of product or service benefits.


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