Online ads eclipsed whilst content marketing continues meteoric rise – Smart Insights

As interest in and use of ad-blockers has grown, so click through rates on banner ads have fallen. Click through on standard banner ads had fallen to 0.12% 2014, and shows no sign of pulling out of that terminal decline. It is estimated that 12% of display ads are never seen by humans, which means the industry is wasting $18.5 billion a year on unseen ads. People just don’t like ads, 94% of people skip video pre-roll ads before 5 seconds in, and they’re good at mentally blocking them out – 60% of people are unable to recall any online banner ads they’re exposed to.

These trends mean it makes sense to re-assess budgets and spend more on owned and shared media, rather than advertising. The industry is already moving in that direction, we’ve seen content marketing spending exploding over the past ten years, and it’s predicted to continue its incredible rise. With increased spending comes more demand for talent. Content marketing jobs are growing rapidly, and expect to see greater demand for top content marketing strategists as greater expectations on departments mean companies demand the very best talent for their content marketing departments.


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