Three Questions For More Actionable Buyer Personas –

“Question 1: What Are Our Ideal Customer Profiles?

  • Where is our audience coming from? (Both from an online channel perspective as well as a more metaphorical perspective, as in, “What’s their current situation?”)
  • What does our audience need to do that they’re currently not doing or not able to do?
  • What’s holding them back?
  • What are the benefits they’ll get from using our product or service?


Question 2: How Can Our Content Better Guide Our Ideal Customer Through The Demand Funnel? 

  • Which buyers are receptive?
  • What aspects of your solution are relevant to them—and which are irrelevant?
  • What objections are your sales force hearing most often?
  • What content and resources do your buyers find most useful—and when? (At what stage of the funnel?)
  • Are you actually messaging the right person?
  • Which buyers are involved in decision-making—and how much influence do they have?


Question 3: Are You Iterating And Optimizing Every Six Months?”


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