10 things marketers should know about Medium’s new publishing platform – Econsultancy

1. It might kill the website

2. It offers discoverability..

3. ..and an escape from banner ads

4. It looks consistently great

5. It’s a sensible choice for a corporate blog or nonprofit site

6. But remember, it’s not open source

7. The Medium ad model is native

8. Paywalls can be implemented

9. Total time reading (TTR) is an important metric

10. These sites are live

Electric Lit
Pacific Standard
The Bold Italic
The Billfold
NewCo Shift
The Twitch Blog
Signal vs. Noise
Those People
Monday Note
The Black List
Film School Rejects 

Source: www.econsultancy.com

Number 1 is not going to happen anytime soon, but #5 is doable.


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