Adobe acquires social engagement platform Livefyre – VentureBeat

Livefyre has been acquired by Adobe, which was confirmed by Livefyre’s chief executive Jordan Kretchmer. Adobe plans to integrate the content curation and audience engagement service into its Experience Manager offering and also make it part of its Marketing Cloud. Financial terms of the deal were not immediately disclosed and it’s expected to close within the next few weeks.

A social media content platform, Livefyre enables brands to search Twitter, Instagram, and other networks for content talking about them, their products, or competitors. Perhaps best known as a commenting platform, it has branched out into producing various tools to give customers the flexibility to not only monitor, but engage and monetize the content being published.

Incorporating Livefyre’s technology into Adobe’s offering will give advertisers and publishers more abilities to produce personalized campaigns, including complete access to the Twitter conversation “firehose” — perhaps even to strengthen the Marketing Cloud’s social media marketing toolkit. The combination of the two companies could give brands the ability to manage both ends of the conversation spectrum, from monitoring to conversion and tracking.


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