Announcing Keyword Explorer: Moz’s New Keyword Research Tool

Keyword Explorer (which we’ve taken to calling “KWE” for short) has lots of unique features, metrics, and functionality, but the biggest ones are pretty obvious and, we believe, highly useful:

  1. KWE takes you all the way through the keyword research process
  2. KWE features metrics essential to the SEO process — two you’re familiar with — Volume and Difficulty — and three that are less familiar: Opportunity, Importance, and Potential. 
  3. Our volume score is the first volume estimation metric we know of that goes beyond what AdWords reports. 
  4. Keyword suggestions inside KWE come from almost all the sources we saw SEOs accessing manually in their research processes — Keyword Planner data, Google Suggest, Related Searches, other keywords that the ranking pages also ranked for, topic-modeling ideas, and keywords found from our clickstream data. 
  5. Import and export functionality are strongly supported. 


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