Introducing Multiple Scoring Categories – Pardot

With Pardot, you’ve always had the ability to track prospect engagement with your brand by assigning points to every action a prospect might take and tracking overall engagement as a prospect score. But companies with multiple products or business units need the ability to track not just engagement with their brand, but engagement with each of their products or business units. With the introduction of Multiple Scoring Categories, marketers now have deep insights into what prospects are interested in so they can nurture them more effectively, pass them to the right rep at the right time, and identify the cross-sell and upsell opportunities that are most likely to convert.

Pardot’s new Multiple Scoring Categories feature allows you to track prospect engagement at the aggregate and individual product or business unit levels. Take for example Acme, a company that sells both Hammers and Mallets. When a prospect comes to the Acme website and downloads a white paper outlining the features of Acme’s new line of Hammers, an activity that is valued at 10 points in Acme’s scoring model, two things will happen. First, that prospect’s overall score will be raised by 10 points. Second, that prospect’s score for Hammers will go up by 10 points.


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