What we learned from generating 30 million sales leads – Spaceship

  1. If you are generating leads — don’t ever rely just on one source. We utilise 35 different sources and we are continuously discovering new ones. If you rely just on one source (like LinkedIn or Twitter), you will hit the ceiling very soon.
  2. Generating leads in developing countries is a nightmare. 
  3. (Company) Databases are dead. And I am not even talking about the old school company database websites. You would be surprised if you knew how much data from Angel.co, Dealroom.co or CrunchBase is actually out of date.
  4. One third of companies I’ve been in contact with have no idea who is their usual customer. You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve heard:“my usual customer / target audience is someone who wants my product”.
  5. Reject controversial businesses. 

Source: www.linkedin.com

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