Facebook details its company-wide machine learning platform, FBLearner Flow – VentureBeat

Facebook today is talking for the first time about FBLearner Flow, a piece of software that manages machine learning models for employees throughout the social networking company.

It’s similar in some ways to cloud-based machine learning services like Microsoft’s Azure Machine Learning, or the open-source Airflow from Airbnb, but it’s optimized for Facebook’s own infrastructure and filled with algorithms developed by Facebook engineers, so that many other people inside the company can make use of them for their own models.

Facebook could go beyond just publishing academic papers on FBLearner Flow; the company may well end up open-sourcing it. Facebook engineers have discussed this type of technology with people at LinkedIn, Twitter, and Uber, and they’ve all been excited about it.

Source: venturebeat.com

NOW we’re talking FB for business. So what’s the B2B angle? Think outside the box.


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