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The Myth Of Selling To The CMO – Forbes

The CMO is essentially the CEO of the marketing organization. Like a CEO, the job boils down to three things: set the strategy and vision, put the resources in place to execute it, and get out of the way. 

The first step is to meet with a person within the marketing organization who can become a champion of your solution. This person could be at any level. The key qualities of a capable champion are twofold: They are driven to advance within the company, and they have direct access to decision makers who can authorize a deal i.e. sign a check.

The next step is to equip them with the knowledge and materials (ammunition) to spearhead the solution and get it across the line. It’s incumbent on the sales rep and their support system to transform mere champions into a full-blown heroes. While your hero gets internal recognition, who gets recognized externally? It’s the CMO, of course, and rightly so. 

When the CMO brings a tactical solution to her team that requires execution, the incentives are completely out of alignment. Her team has very little incentive to make it succeed. Because if it’s successful, the CMO is the hero both internally and externally. No one’s getting a promotion. If it fails, the failure can easily be attributed to execution, for which the CMO is not responsible. 

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3 Steps to Land a Meeting with the C-Suite Using Content Marketing | @contentmrktrapp

Step 1: Do something great.

If you were looking for an easy way out, content marketing is definitely not the right approach for you.  You still need to do something great.  Doing great things leads to knowing great things.  And knowledge equals money.  

Step 2: Write about it.

It doesn’t really matter if you like short form or long form content.  The goal here is that you need to write something great and the length of the content needs to reflect the subject matter as well as the intended audience.  

Step 3: Promote it.

  • Get involved and be an active member in industry forums (ex. Inbound.org, growthhackers.com, and Hacker News)
  • Grow your own network on social media (ex. Socedo, Narrow.io, and Crowdfire)
  • Reach out to influencers in your niche.  Buzzsumo is my favorite tool for this

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It’s OK to brag…


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B2B deals taking more touches, longer sales cycle in 2015 – MarketingDive

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Nothing is easy, and it keeps getting harder. Can’t duck it, so use the MarTech at your disposal.

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Gartner Publishes the 2015 CRM Sales Predicts – Gartner

Key findings in the research relate primarily to B2B selling processes and technology:

  • The vast majority of salesperson communications (emails, texts, meetings) with customers are either not documented or poorly documented, with incomplete information in sales force automation (SFA) applications.
  • B2B sales organizations with mature SFA implementations are exploring new big data and business graph technologies to improve sales execution, but the market for these sales operational monitoring providers is diffuse and nascent.
  • Channel organizations will focus on improving partner channel revenue performance through implementing commercially available partner relationship management (PRM) applications.
  • Experimental smart machine selling has the potential to become a significantly disruptive technology.

Source: blogs.gartner.com

The 2016 CRM Sales Predicts report is available to Gartner subscribers, but these are your highlights.

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Infographic: Brands on social media are 57% more likely to increase sales leads – Ragan



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