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7 really simple hacks to speed up your website and increase conversions – Memeburn

1. Optimize images and design elements

2. Cut down the number of HTTP/S requests

3. Consolidate scripts

4. Improve caching

5. Localize your hosting

6. Use GET for AJAX requests

7. Optimize visible content

Source: memeburn.com

You’ll want to CT for the details…as well as accompanying tools.


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10 Free Online Marketing Tools Every Small Business Owner Needs

1. Answer The Public

We use it to determine the topics and questions surrounding the primary keywords that we want to rank for. 

2. Open Site Explorer

One of the quickest wins in every SEO campaign is to copy and paste your competitor’s URL into OSE and find all the sites that are linking to them but not linking to you.

3. Screaming Frog

This tool is terrific for finding broken links, auditing your redirects, finding pages that are missing meta data, and finding duplicate content at a URL level.

4. Siteliner

Siteliner is a dream come true for quick and dirty duplicate content analysis. 

5. Portent’s Title Generator

With the simple press of a button, this free tool gives you title ideas that range from serious to downright hilarious. 

6. Google Keyword Planner

7. Moz Local: Check Listing

8. Keyword.io

9. Facebook Audience Insights

Facebook Audience Insights is a terrific free tool for doing market and content research. By toggling through the options, you can view specific demographic information about your audience and even learn a few new things.

10. Pablo by Buffer

With Buffer’s free social media tool, you have access to over 600,000 images (or you can upload your own image) and all the tools necessary to be a social image pro. 

Source: moz.com

Mostly SEO oriented, and a solid list. Links and screenshots when you CT.


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6 Powerful Tools for Marketers – Social Listening Academy


GetSocial is a content performance analytics platform to support, promote, and amplify your content.


When it comes to communication with your clients, nothing is more effective than being close to them. LiveChat, a customer service software, lets you be there for your customers, right when they need you. They save time, you earn trust (a win-win for everyone, really).


It doesn’t really matter what level of SEO knowledge you’re at today. Positionly caters for the needs of both beginners and SEO geeks – it is a refreshingly simple and user-friendly SEO analytical tool. 


Survicate will help you get feedback from your visitors in no time. Launch smart feedback widgets on your website to ask questions and collect answers. 


Growbots is a tool for automatic lead generation and email drip campaigns integrated with CRM. It’s super simple: all you need to do is set up a profile of your customers and schedule an email campaign. Growbots will suggest customers who fit your enterprise best, as well as generate leads which your sales team will love. Growbots also gives you a database of 200 million decision-makers. The possibilities seem to be endless.

ContentMarketer.io Connector & Notifier

The Connector works with your emails – you can plan and send individual emails via your Google account, use individual templates, schedule & track emails, and and set up automated follow up messages. With the Notifier, you can automatically notify everyone you mentioned without having to do it manually.

Source: blog.brand24.net

CT for details, links and screenshots.


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Announcing Keyword Explorer: Moz’s New Keyword Research Tool

Keyword Explorer (which we’ve taken to calling “KWE” for short) has lots of unique features, metrics, and functionality, but the biggest ones are pretty obvious and, we believe, highly useful:

  1. KWE takes you all the way through the keyword research process
  2. KWE features metrics essential to the SEO process — two you’re familiar with — Volume and Difficulty — and three that are less familiar: Opportunity, Importance, and Potential. 
  3. Our volume score is the first volume estimation metric we know of that goes beyond what AdWords reports. 
  4. Keyword suggestions inside KWE come from almost all the sources we saw SEOs accessing manually in their research processes — Keyword Planner data, Google Suggest, Related Searches, other keywords that the ranking pages also ranked for, topic-modeling ideas, and keywords found from our clickstream data. 
  5. Import and export functionality are strongly supported. 

Source: moz.com

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7 Less Obvious Tools to Improve Your Visual Content – CMI

  1. Haiku Deck Zuru: Turn your slides into awesome visuals
  2. Bannersnack: Analyze how your audience interacts with your visuals
  3. 3. Datawrapper: Create cool charts
  4. DrumUp: Co-manage multiple social media channels and schedules
  5. Later: Plan and scale Instagram content management
  6. Tweet Jukebox: Promote visuals on Twitter
  7. Viral Content Buzz: Promote visuals on Pinterest

Source: contentmarketinginstitute.com

Great finds! CT for details and links.


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The Goals of Automation Tools and Marketing Efforts – MarketingTech Blog

Ultimately, the goal of any marketing-related system should be that it enables more productive time with your prospects and clients, not less. Produce more for your customers and you’ll reap the benefits. Some examples:

  • We utilize Wordsmith for Marketing to filter down and present Google Analytics data in a manner that our clients can better understand. That enables us to communicate the trends and offer the strategy to improve rather than spending time trying to explain analytics data.
  • We utilize gShift to monitor social media and search’s impact on each other and on the bottom line. Attribution is difficult, if not impossible, without a tool like gShift. If you’re not measuring the results of your content strategy accurately, you’re going to have a tough time explaining why your client should continue investing in it.
  • We utilize Hootsuite, Buffer, and Jetpack to manage our social publishing efforts. While we’re a small team, we make a whole lot of noise on the Internet. By spending less time on publishing, I’m able to spend more time actually interacting with my social media audience.

Source: www.marketingtechblog.com

They’re a smart team, and you’d do well following their lead.


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